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We work with partners!


We have our own representative offices in Poland, Serbia and Chili. The main office is in The Netherlands.
Besides our offices we are working with our partners in China, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam and Morocco for years .

According our procedures the products will inspected at location by our specialists. Then the products will be shipped to Europe and transported to our BRC-certified coldstore or directly to the customer, when necessary. In the cold store the goods will be inspected and tested again. 

From the coldstore we distribute the goods to all our customers and relations in Europe or outside like Australia. All goods are provided with the correct specifications and COfA's. The most of our producers are GFSI-certified like BRC, FSSC, IFS. When a producer doesn't have such certificate, then our QA-department will audit this producer to ensure the quality and food safety.


It's important to know that Fruit Management Europe B.V. also works according GFSI-certification. We are proud to be BRC Agents& Brokers Issue 2 certified.


Working together with Fruit Management Europe will result in less work in quality assurance.


We're looking forward to working with you.


Yours sincerely,

Team Fruit Management Europe B.V.

Fruit Management Europe B.V. es miembro de Food Compass.

(Stichting Monitoring Voedingstuinbouw)

Fruit Management Europe B.V. está certificado por BRC Agents & Brokers Issue 2.
Fruit Management Europe B.V. tiene certificación Orgánica.